Harlem on My Mind – A Musical Journey Through the Harlem Renaissance

“Harlem On My Mind” created and performed by Julia and directed by Shaunelle Perry is a musical journey through the dynamic time in history known as “The Harlem Renaissance.” Through music, poetry and story telling, Julia transports the audience to Harlem during the roaring 20’s.

“Doll Baby Redd” takes you through highs and lows while encountering the larger than life personalities of Bessie Smith, Ethel Waters and Josephine Baker. This riveting show features a musical trio and 16 glorious songs from “Duke” Ellington, Thomas “Fats” Waller, Harold Arlen and Irving Berlin and more.

“Julia was an absolutely amazing charismatic performer and a true diva! From the beginning until the end, not only did Julia capture the attention of the audience but she convinced everyone that they were living in the middle of the Harlem Renaissance! I received many thanks from audience members who all had a great experience watching and listening to ‘Harlem on My Mind.’”

Thanks, Mark Shimnoski
Wyandanch Public Library, New York
“Julia has a voice that is so mellow and full of emotion, it is easy to get lost in the music and feel your heart open… she makes time stand still!” “She has the capacity to melt away your hurt and pain, even if for the briefest moment, and replace it with a sense of awe and wonder of what might be possible.”

Sherry Fraser
Professor of Social Work
Clinical Social Worker
Dean of Concordia College

“I learned things that night that I’d never known, especially about how the history and the music all fit together and what the Harlem Renaissance was all about. I was totally thrilled, impressed and entertained. Children, youth and adults really need to hear this story where history and music combine in the story of a people. Thank you for presenting so much in a tight storyline that made the audience care about and believe in the character.”

Rev. Dr. William J. Damrow, Pastor
St. Luke’s Evangelical Lutheran Church

“The heart of jazz and soul are found in the melodic vocals of Julia Breanetta Simpson”. “We swooned from the sensuous sounds of “Julia and the Duke” at our spring affair.”

President Lena Anderson
White Plains/Greenburgh NAACP