“Harlem On My Mind

Julia as “Doll Baby Redd”

One Mo’ Time

“Julia Breanetta Simpson is a sinuous Thelma Scott, expressive in such songs as “Everybody Loves My Baby” and “I Got What It Takes.”

by Aileen Jacobson
Newsday, Bellport, NY

“Julia Simpson gets a good laugh as Thelma when she fills in for a missing performer and does an ‘Exotic Dance’”.

by John L. Allen
The Muskegon Chronicle

“Julia Breanetta Simpson (Thelma) was vocally well-developed, and a talented performer who gave great clarity and exactness to her part.”

by Lisa Cook
\The Bradley Scout

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Julia pictured with Jeff Reed as Papa Du

One Mo’ Time

“Julia Breanetta Simpson” as the skinny, man-stealing Thelma gives Bertha a run for her money throughout. She’s coy, bitchy and sweet in turn, desperately trying to be the star of a show with a really BIG star already.”

by Patricia Donovan
Buffalo, NY

“Julia Breanetta Simpson played a wonderfully funny and well-voiced Thelma, one of Papa Du’s love-interests and a sparring partner for Big Bertha.

by T.M. Purvis
The Journal-News, Suffern, NY

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Julia pictured with Jannis Warner as Big Bertha

Ain’t Misbehavin’

“Julia Simpson is a wisp of a thing who moves about the stage with the litheness of a cat. She flirts with the men, flaunts her tiny figure in front of Hill and Young and presents a pleasant contrast in style to the show.”

by Harriet Wesley
The Patriot, Harrisburg, PA

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Julia pictured with Richie McCall as Andre

When The Nightingale Sings
Julia Breanetta Simpson as Hennie at the Clarence Brown Theatre

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Julia pictured with Mona Wyatt as Minnie and Marjorie Johnson as Crooked Foster Mother